Kilimanjaro Blend - Dark Roast (5lb. Whole Bean)

Kilimanjaro Blend - Dark Roast (5lb. Whole Bean)


Kilimanjaro is our darkest offering. It’s perfectly suited for milk or cream, which complement its fruit and dark chocolate notes.

To create Kilimanjaro, we combined our fruity Kenyan Peaberry beans with rich, full-bodied Sumatra beans. The result is a bold and flavorful blend.

Kilimanjaro bears the name of the world-famous mountain in East Africa. It’s the highest mountain in Africa.

Roasted on demand for peak freshness.

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The Kilimanjaro blend combines two fine coffees from Kenya and Sumatra.

The Kenyan Peaberry beans are grown at over 6,000 ft. at the foothills of Mt. Kenya, where rich volcanic soil and a unique micro-climate create the most ideal growing conditions for coffee. Ripe coffee berries are hand picked and carefully processed in the long-standing tradition of washing to reveal their prized balance of fruitiness and acidity. The are a rare treat, accounting for just 5% of all coffee production. While normal coffee beans grow two-to-a-fruit, peaberry beans develop as a single bean with a richer and more intense flavor, one that is sought after by coffee connoisseurs the world over. Due to their random occurrence and distinct appearance, peaberry beans are hand-sorted from the rest of the harvest.