African Spice

African Spice


Make your own spiced café au lait from the comfort of home -- just add steamed milk!  Our African Spice coffee is an aromatic and welcoming mixture of our deeply-hued Ethiopian, Natural Process beans and freshly-ground Fair Trade spices.

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Our African Spice coffee combines our naturally-processed organic Ethiopian beans and freshly-ground Fair Trade spices.  The exquisite mixture is suitable for enjoyment alone or with steamed milk as part of a spiced café au lait.

The beans are grown at over 7,000 ft. under a forest canopy in the Ethiopia's Guji region.  In the natural process, coffee cherries are dried with their fruit pulp and skin intact, allowing the inner seed -- the future coffee bean -- to soak in sweet fruit juices.  The naturally-sweet coffee is well-complimented by our spices, and the resulting cup is a delicious treat.

The beans are rated 91+ out of 100 by expert tasters.