Ethiopia Single Origin

Tasting Notes Ripe Plum And Milk Chocolate
Roast Level Medium

A delicious single-origin from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia

Natural processing involves drying coffee beans in the sun while still inside of the coffee cherry. The sugars in the coffee fruit are infused into the seed. This gives the beans a natural, fruity sweetness — no milk or sugar needed.

This is how coffee has always been processed since it was discovered in Ethiopia, and the unique technique has been passed through generations. It's a delicate method of processing that involves careful monitoring of coffee as it dries on African sun beds to avoid over-fermentation. 

This differs from the most popular method of processing, where fermentation occurs after the seed has been extracted from the cherry.


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In the Kenyan coffee farming industry, women own only 1% of the land but compose 90% of the workforce. Kahawa 1893 aims to change that

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