Rwanda Single Origin

Roast Level Medium

We've partnered with Gasharu Coffee to bring you this exquisite single origin -- not only rich in flavor, but in history and story as well!

Gasharu grows their coffee on the shores of Kivu, which offers exceptional weather for coffee farming. As a result, these beans boast tasting notes of citrus, honey, and brown sugar.

Gasharu's story starts in 1973, when their founder, Celestin Rumenerangabo, bought land in Rwanda and began cultivating coffee to support his family. Celestin and his family, alongside many locals, were later forced to flee the country during the Rwandan genocide (1978-1994), despite running a business that served to unite Rwandan farmers.

Four years after fleeing, he and his family were able to safely return. With their help, Celestin revived Gasharu Coffee. Gasharu has since gone on to work with 1,650 local farmers, 70% of which are women.


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