Malawi Single Origin

Tasting Notes Milk chocolate, Floral, Tangerine
Roast Level Medium-Light

The coffee has a rich syrupy body balanced with delicate floral notes and sweet flavors of citrus and stone fruit. The secret ingredient in this coffee is the presence of the celebrated Gesha variety that gives the coffee a lingering smooth finish.

If you love Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees, this coffee is the best of both worlds.

Our Malawi coffee is sourced from Mzuzu Co-operative, the only smallholder farmer-owned co-op in the country where 95% of the coffee is grown on  large estates.

Mzuzu runs a “Women in Coffee” program, implemented to empower women farmers and increase their personal income by selling coffee grown by women to buyers all over the world.


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Our Story

Grown by our Beloved Farmers

In the Kenyan coffee farming industry, women own only 1% of the land but compose 90% of the workforce. Kahawa 1893 aims to change that

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