African Coffee Sampler

Don't know which coffee to try?

How about trying 4 of our coffees that interest you! Our sample packs have 4oz bags of coffee for you to find which one you love the most. 

Explore distinctive coffees from Africa that are a rare treat.

The coffees are handpicked when ripe and carefully hand processed by women. They are dried in elevated African beds over a period of several weeks, developing complex flavors.

Makes a great gift — for yourself or someone else!

  • Four 4oz. bags 

  • Choose Whole Bean or Ground

  • Want specific coffees? Add a note during check out to specify.

Find your favorite brew using our handy Coffee Guide

We ship daily, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
Our Story

Grown by our Beloved Farmers

In the Kenyan coffee farming industry, women own only 1% of the land but compose 90% of the workforce. Kahawa 1893 aims to change that

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