Rwanda - Natural Process

Tasting Notes Brown Sugar, Tangerine & Honey
Roast Level Medium-Light

We've partnered with Gasharu Coffee to bring you the wonderful flavor of Rwandan coffee, not only rich in flavor, but in history and story as well.

The natural coffee has an amazing Strawberry forward fruit and sweet notes. It's delicious and supports  a Rwanda family that defied the disruption of war and restarted coffee farming from scratch.

Natural processing involves drying coffee beans in the sun while still inside of the coffee cherry. This gives the beans a natural, fruity sweetness — no milk or sugar needed.

We ship daily, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
Our Story

Grown by our Beloved Farmers

In the Kenyan coffee farming industry, women own only 1% of the land but compose 90% of the workforce. Kahawa 1893 aims to change that

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