African Single Origin Black Tea

The Great Rift Valley in East Africa is known for producing some of the finest tea leaves in the world. Here, tea is grown at a high altitude with substantial rain in red volcanic soil.

Low temperatures cause the tea leaves to grow at a slower rate, developing a significant depth of flavor and powerful antioxidants. The tea is grown naturally, without pesticides, as pests can’t survive in harsh, high-altitude climates.

The resulting black tea is rich, smooth, and never bitter. It can be enjoyed with or without milk.

We offer five unique varietals of farmer-direct teas from different parts of the Rift Valley: Kenya Kericho (West Rift Valley), Kenya Meru (East Rift Valley), Rwanda, Malawi, and Mozambique.

  • Offered as 3.5oz tins of loose, whole leaf tea
  • Contains caffeine

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