NEW! Single Serve Coffee Bags

NEW! Single Serve Coffee Bags

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Our Kenyan Single Origin coffee in a fully-compostable, single serve “tea bag.” Simply steep the coffee bag in hot water — just as you would with tea — and it’s ready to drink in a few minutes. We use new technology that allows for peak extraction of flavor, revealing the coffee’s distinctive citrus and berry notes.

At long last, enjoy the convenience of environmentally-friendly single serve coffee without sacrificing taste.

What’s new? We got rid of string and now you can brew it cold as well!

HOT BREW: Steep one coffee bag in 8 oz cup of water for 4 minutes. You may leave coffee bag in water for longer, it will not over-extract or get bitter.

COLD BREW: Add 12 oz glass of water for every two coffee bags and brew for at at least 4 hours in room temperature (faster) or fridge. When ready, add 4 oz water or milk to taste. Enjoy!

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