Our Story

"Kahawa" means coffee in Swahili and 1893 is the year that coffee was first grown in Kenya. With Kahawa 1893, we celebrate the beginnings of the strong traditions that contribute to Kenya's distinctive coffee.

Empowering Women

In Kenya, women provide 89% of farm labor but own only 1% of land. The global crisis in coffee prices has led to further marginalization of women in coffee. My goal is to empower these women to overcome structural barriers through Kahawa 1893. We dedicate 25% of our profits to support access to credit for these women so they can participate in trade and empower themselves financially. We believe in local solutions to local problems and we are adding more fuel to initiatives that are the most impactful.

Members of the Moromba Co-operative Women’s Fund that we support through our innovative table-banking program

Members of the Moromba Co-operative Women’s Fund that we support through our innovative table-banking program

Farming Roots 

I was born in the western highlands of Kenya to a coffee growing family and I have fond memories of helping my mom pick ripe coffee berries on the farm.  At age 18, I moved to the U.S. for college, later earning an MBA and living and working in New York City.  I enjoyed the vibrant coffee culture but Kenyan coffee was hard to find, which surprised me because farmers back home often lacked a market for their products and were exploited by middlemen, often receiving prices below their cost of production.  The inequalities in the supply chain are glaring, with farmers living in poverty.

I founded Kahawa 1893 to share with you distinctive Kenyan coffee and to build a better supply chain that allows farmers to earn a sustainable income from coffee farming. I work with farmers directly, eliminating middlemen to bring you the highest quality coffee and paying farmers sustainable prices.


Blockchain Coffee 

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way coffee is traded so that farmers can be fairly compensated. The way coffee is traded is outdated, it hasn’t changed in over 200 years, and it does not reflect the progress we have made both socially and technologically. By increasing transparency and connecting you directly to farmer, you can trust that the coffee you are drinking truly reflects the values you stand for. This harvest season, we will be incorporating blockchain technology to our sourcing to bring you the first fully traceable coffee from Kenya. Join our mailing list and follow us on social media @kahawa1893 for updates.