Tanzania Peaberry

Tasting Notes Plum, Winey, Mellow
Roast Level Medium-Light
Origin Tanzania

A rare treat: Peaberry beans make up only 5% of coffee globally and are larger, rounder, and sweeter than typical coffee beans.

Our Tanzania Peaberry beans are perfect for pour-overs or French Press to highlight their unique taste.

What makes Peaberry coffee so unique?

Peaberry coffee is often described as having the flavor of two beans. Standard coffee cherries grow two beans inside while Peaberry coffee cherries only produce a single, large coffee bean.

  • Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans
Our Story

Grown by our Beloved Farmers

In the Kenyan coffee farming industry, women own only 1% of the land but compose 90% of the workforce. Kahawa 1893 aims to change that

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