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East Africa is the birthplace of coffee and the region is celebrated for producing the most distinctive coffees in the world. Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia and the country's rich history of vivid floral and fruit forward coffees reigns supreme. Kenya began growing coffee commercially in 1893 and although producing less than 1% of all coffee in the world, it's considered the best coffee you can enjoy.

In the Kenyan coffee farming industry, women own only 1% of the land, but compose 90% of the workforce

Although African farmers produce the most celebrated and in-demand coffee in the world, their labor is not adequately compensated with global prices below the cost of production. Women are disproportionately affected.

I grew up onmy grandfather's coffee farm in Kenya and witnessed this phenomenon first-hand. I left my job on Wall-Street on a mission to help these women. I invite you to join me on this journey. No action is too small.


Margaret Kemunto Nyamumbo

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