Last modified: June 19, 2024 2:38PM

Kahawa 1893 is suspending sales of our Ready-to-Drink iced coffee cans due to a voluntary recall issued by our manufacturer, Snapchill. This was a difficult decision, and we're incredibly disappointed to be sharing this news.

The recall applies to all unexpired Snapchill cans manufactured for approximately 150 coffee roasting clients, including Kahawa 1893. Neither Snapchill nor Kahawa 1893 have received any reports of spoiled product or illness.

We initially chose to partner with Snapchill because of their patented flash brew-and-chill process, designed to produce high-quality shelf-stable canned coffee. Snapchill later disclosed that their process had not yet been adequately tested to determine shelf stability and that presently, cans manufactured by them require refrigeration to remain fresh. Given the logistical, cost, and environmental considerations associated with refrigeration, we are therefore suspending sales at this time as we work to find alternative solutions.

Customers with questions regarding the recall may contact Snapchill any time by email at, or by phone, Monday-Friday between 8:00AM and 4:00PM CT, at (920) 632-6018.

If you have purchased Kahawa 1893 Ready-to-Drink iced coffee cans and have not yet consumed them, please contact for a full refund and disposal instructions. We invite customers looking for single-serve or instant coffee to try our Single-Serve Packs or Keurig® K-Cup® Pods.